Do you need a hilarious gag gift? Or perhaps you're over the whole struggle of using the old gym sock lying around your room... Say no more! It's time to bid farewell to that stiff relic of the past!

Prepare to embark on a riveting journey, one where messes become a thing of the past, where tissue residue bows down to our superior choice, and where our beloved partners are left bereft of any grounds for complaint. A hilarious, remarkable solution awaits, my passionate compatriots, and it goes by the name of Cum Clean.

Cum Clean Cloths are super absorbent (because regular ones just can't handle it sometimes), and they're extra large to handle all of your mountain-sized loads.. No longer shall we wallow in the filth of a used-t-shirt, for this marvelous creation shall cleanse our members in ways never before experienced. It boldly sweeps away the remnants of our desires, leaving not a trace of residue upon our sacred temple. Grant yourself and your lover the gift of unbridled passion, unencumbered by the detritus of inferior means.